Kendra Morales

Associate Partner

Kendra was headhunted (ironic, no?) to The Millard Group in 2005 and has consistently been one of TMG’s top producers, achieving Associate Partner in her third year.

Kendra specializes in early-stage, VC/private equity-backed emerging technology companies where she is nationally known for helping secure executive-level hires then building their teams. Her technology expertise includes marketing technology, SaaS based platforms, management consulting and ad tech.

Kendra is a teacher and practitioner of yoga, which she says has influenced her approach to recruiting “one thousand percent.” In addition to having no fear when it comes to saying what she thinks and feels about any given situation,

Kendra says her natural empathy and lack of preconceptions helps her make the right placements. “It’s not about my agenda, it’s about meeting people where they are. It’s about what you bring to the mat and being truthful and authentic about that. That turns into aligning someone with the right role.”

Favorite band: The Wailers (or any great Reggae).

Favorite author. Pema Chodron—she is a Tibetan monk and should have run for president.

If she wasn't a recruiter, she'd be: A lawyer. I am a natural arguer and would love to be paid to win arguments.

Three things she'd bring if stranded on a deserted island: Cheese, my dog Luckie and Gouda flavored Triscuits.

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