Robyn Parker

Associate Partner

Robyn joined The Millard Group in 2008, bringing with her more than a decade of experience in business and sales. She quickly became a success in recruiting and has earned numerous awards; becoming an Associate Partner in 2011.

As a senior member of the Enterprise Software team, Robyn credits her success to her natural curiosity as it relates to business and the psychology of business professionals.  This curiosity drives her interest in helping both businesses and the executives who run them to achieve their goals.

In working with technology professionals and executives, she benefits from her previous experience with Northwestern, Mutual Life, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Aetna and a start-up mortgage lender named MLN USA. She listens closely to the wants and desires of both her clients and her candidates, and strives to match not only backgrounds and skillsets, but also company culture and personal chemistry.


Favorite band: Old Dominion

If she wasn't a recruiter, she'd be: A party planner.

Dream trip: An African safari.

Three things she'd bring if stranded on a deserted island: A funny book, coffee and comfortable shoes.

Sample Clients