Craig Millard

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Long before Craig co-founded The Millard Group in 1996, he and his brother talked about having their own business after finishing their careers in the NHL. Although the NHL portion of their childhood plan didn’t quite pan out, they co-founded The Millard Group in their mid-twenties.

“We’ve been actively involved with athletics all our lives, both as players and currently as coaches, and I think that played a significant role in building a world-class search firm. Just like in sports, the key ingredients of being successful at The Millard Group are competing every day, obsessing on self-improvement, and working as a team. Executive search is a performance-related business,” says Craig. “There are no boundaries put on you as to what you can achieve. The sky’s the limit, and what you get out of it is in direct proportion to what you put into it—to me there’s something real pure about that.”

"One of the more amazing things that I’ve come to realize in my over 25 years of search is how deeply in love I am with the art and science of our business. I’m truly just as passionate about the business as I was when I was 22. There are very few careers where you can work with the executive ranks in corporate America to help them build awesome companies, and at the same time work at the more intimate level by helping people enhance their careers and improve their lives.”

And it’s not just the clients and candidates he enjoys helping—he utilizes his coaching skills to help draw out the best performance in the recruiters that work on the TMG team. “Executive search to me is an incredible career vehicle that when done correctly can provide people an unbelievable life,” Craig says. “There is nothing more rewarding that building a company around individuals that can exercise that opportunity.”

Craig leads the company's Infrastructure Technology practice which includes networking, internet, IoT, broadband, cloud and cyber-security team. He has finished every year of his career as one of the industry’s top executive search consultants. Craig thrives on working with early stage growth companies and helping those executives find the best talent in the world.

Prior to co-founding The Millard Group, he worked for a New York-based search firm, Brandon Becker Associates, where he pioneered a high-tech search practice aimed at the fast-growing networking sector.

After 20 years, Craig says, The Millard Group is still going strong. “I truly feel like we’re sitting at the clubhouse having finished nine holes as The Millard Group and there’s a lot more golf to be played. I feel like we’ve only just begun—there’s so much more to accomplish.”

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